Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Football Fun

On the Friday before the Superbowl, my four year old class predicted who would win.  Here's our graph:

MOST of my students predicted that the Giants would win.  (Two of the footballs on the left are teacher votes.  My aide and I both predicted the Patriots, so minus our votes 7 kids predicted the Giants and 6 kids predicted the Patriots).  Before doing this fun little graphing activity, my students wrote their name on their football.  They LOVED doing this graph.  This idea came from Mrs. Kilburn's Kiddos.

We had fun with Super Bowl themed centers...

Above, students read and colored the take-home book "Superbowl of Colors."  They also had to cut out and glue the footballs.  This was a free download from Mrs. Kilburn.  

Above, students completed this football addition page.  One of my advanced kids did the one that you see above.  Most of my other kids had the addends stamped for them ahead of time.  After they added, we stamped the answer for them to trace.  Again, this is from Mrs. Kilburn.

Students had to color the numbers blue and the letters brown above (from Kindergarten Hoppenings), and below they traced numbers in the top box and wrote them on their own in the bottom box.  Depending on the students' needs, I stamped different numbers in the box for them.  

On Monday, we discussed our predictions and then did some coloring to make a Giants helmet:
This modified idea came from Teaching Heart.

Another SUPER cute idea that I didn't have time to prep (but hope to do next year)....
This idea also comes from Teaching Heart.

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