Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fire Safety

I've been SO excited for my kids to fingerpaint the spots on a dalmation for a fire safety activity.  I found this idea at Miss Renee's Kindergarten Pad quite a while back and knew I had to use it!  Here is a link to Renee's site:  She has lots of creative ideas.  The pattern I used comes from Mailbox Magazine.  LOVE those magazines!! 

I thought about writing a number on the helmet of each dog and having students fingerpaint that many spots, but I decided to let my kids go ahead and fingerprint away : )  As a center, students can match the number on the firehat to the number of spots on the dalmation. 

Next year, I'm going to run the dalmations off on cardstock instead of regular copier paper.  Hopefully the paint won't spread as much on the heavier paper.  That was my only disappointment with this project. 

My students also extended a "Stop, Drop, and Roll" pattern:

Tomorrow, we are going to make a fire truck out of construction paper!  I'll post pictures by Friday. 

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