Saturday, October 8, 2011

Goodnight Moon and other Moon ideas

After reading Goodnight Moon, my preschoolers made this cute craft.  This idea came from a Mailbox magazine.  Keeping with the moon theme, I also read I Took the Moon for a Walk later in the week, and we then created this project... (idea from I Heart Crafty Things- a great blog with lots of wonderful craft ideas)

This one says, "If I could take the moon for a walk, we would go to my house."  I did the writing for the kids, but they did the precious artwork.  Here is another one...

This one would take the moon to the zoo! 

Finally, I read the story Happy Birthday Moon and students completed this craft which also comes from a Mailbox magazine.

Students got to paint their moon with a mixture of white paint and flour.  To complete the moon, they added "craters" using the lid of a water bottle!  So much fun and SO cute!


  1. What a cute craft for goodnight moon and I love the idea of painting with flour and water for the moon with the craters. Thanks for sharing! I am your newest follower! : ) Please come see my blog too, I am teaching a unit on space this week and I will keep these ideas in mind! : )

  2. Is the flour and paint equal parts?