Thursday, December 8, 2011

Gingerbread Fun!

Here are the Gingerbread Houses we made!  I found this idea at Gluesticks, Games, and Giggles and made my own patterns for the craft with the exception of the candy cane and gingerbread man.

We also did activities from Julie Lee's Gingerbread Unit:

We read and colored The Gingerbread Cookie.

We sorted pictures by beginning sound.

We counted peppermints and made sets to match the numbers.

*All of the above worksheet activities are from Julie Lee's Gingerbread Unit.  I modified the Candy Count worksheet to allow my preschoolers more room to glue their peppermints down.  There are two more on the back, but I only had a couple of my early finishers do those.   

Below, we counted pennies and wrote the number.  My preschoolers do NOT like writing numbers!  

I just ordered these Follow-the-Dots-Number-Stamps from Lakeshore (only $9.95!).  

Follow-The-Dots Number Stamps

Next time we have a center worksheet where students have to write the number, I will allow them to choose the stamp they need, stamp the number, and trace!  Plus, I plan to use these stamps to create some number writing practice pages!  Whether they like it or not, my preschoolers are going to practice writing numbers!  I think using the stamps will make it more fun for them, and fun is good!  

LOVE these Gingerbread girls (above) and gingerbread boys (below)!!

These are from Deanna Jump's Gingerbread Unit.  In her unit, she provided the dimensions for the craft, and I used the dimensions to create the patterns.  This works better for me than having my preschoolers cut the rectangles into circles.  I love how they turned out!  (We did this activity after reading The Gingerbread Girl!)

We'll be reading another gingerbread story tomorrow then doing a watercoloring activity.  Pictures to come!

My sweet dog, Louie, in his jingle bell collar!

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  1. IN LOVE WITH YOUR BLOG! Your ideas are great! I am saving these gingerbread houses and gingerbread boys and girls to do next year! (We already had our gingerbread week!)

    I see that you have 3 and 4 year olds! I teach special ed. pre-k! I have one group of 3's, 2 groups of 4's (with some who have turned 5 already)

    So excited to have found your blog! Going straight to my blog roll!

    Stop by and check mine out if you haven't already!!

    Creating & Teaching