Monday, December 19, 2011

Grinch Day!

First, I want to thank Erin at Creating and Teaching for blogging about my blog!  It's been really exciting to see my stats and followers go up!  Thanks to everyone who's been stopping by!

Today I read How the Grinch Stole Christmas to my 4 year old class.  Then we made Deanna Jump's Grinch Grin, from her Grinch Unit.  We didn't do the drawing/writing part of this activity, so ours are a bit plain, but it was fun and cute nonetheless. Unfortunately, I haven't done a lot of writing with my preschoolers yet (just their names and numbers 0-10).  My New Year's Resolution is to start up Kid Writing!

Here's a close-up of one:

I absolutely LOVE the spin Cara Carroll at The First Grade Parade put on her Grinch... the scalloped circles for the Santa hat (see below).  I plan to buy a scalloped circle puncher, but I had to make due with my plain circle puncher for this year!  I have circle punchers in a few different sizes, and I have to say, they are worth the money for all the time they've saved me!!!

This was our Grinch morning work...

And this patterning activity was one of our center activities (also from Deanna Jump's Grinch Unit):

Most of my kiddos gave me what you see above.  I
A few, like the one below, really went to town...(I just realized the pattern is the same as the one above, which is funny, because they sit at different tables!)

Awhile back, I said I would post a picture of the gingerbread men we watercolored.... note to self... print these poor guys on cardstock next time.... regular copier paper creates for ripped projects and whining!  Here are some that did not tear...  

And finally, I was hoping to link up with Oh' Boy 4th Grade's Currently December, but I'm not sure how to add text onto her template.... somebody's going to have to explain that to me!  : )  

One more day of the Grinch with my 3s tomorrow, then I'll be back on Wednesday or Thursday with cute little Santa Stars to share!


  1. Update on my attempts to do Currently December... I just need to figure out how to "Capture Image." Hmmm....

  2. I use a program on my mac to add font on top of the image, but I'm pretty sure you could put it in word and set the picture as "behind text" and then type on top of it!

    What ages do you have? Are all of your kiddos 3? I have 3 different groups... 2 four year old groups and 1 3 year old group. And where do you teach!? Haha, sorry, I have a thousand and one questions when I find pre-k bloggers! :)

  3. Hi Erin! I have a class of 3s on Tuesdays and Thursdays and a class of 4s MWF. I teach in Pennsylvania at a little preschool (just me and my aide) in an old township building. From the outside, you'd never know there's a preschool inside. We're surrounded by salt trucks and mounds of salt. Ask away anytime!! I LOVE getting questions and comments!! Thanks again for blogging about me!!

  4. So now I have a question. How do you get their name tracers on their papers? I have a class of 3 year olds and some need tracers. I have been trying to figure out how to do it. Any help would be much appreciated!

  5. Hi Abby! First, I go to There you can choose from a few different options. I use the print dots. I've made tracers for everyone who needs them. I keep my originals, so I don't have to go to the site and remake them everytime. I just send the originals through the copier, and my wonderful aide cuts them and glues them on with a glue stick. It's a little time consuming, but a lot of my kids don't need them anymore, so we're not having to cut and glue on as many anymore. Thanks for the question!

  6. You could try printing them on label paper, so you could just peel and stick, but I'm not sure how you would get the tracers to line up... it's one of those things you'd have to play with. I don't have labels and haven't asked the parents to donate them, so we just make due with cutting and pasting.

  7. How fun! So I'm assuming your kiddos are all day? Mine are only half so that's why I have 3 different groups. And because I have 24 students and 19 of them have IEPs, I get Monday & Wednesday afternoons for paper work!

  8. Hi Erin! Actually my kiddos are just 3 hours a day! 9:00-12:00 I was supposed to have 2 4-year old classes, one AM and one PM, but the PM class didn't fill up, unfortunately, so instead of being full-time I am only part-time. I have my one 4 year old class MWF and one 3 year old class Tuesday/Thursday for this year! Bless your heart all that paper work you have to do!