Thursday, December 22, 2011

Santa Stars!

Yesterday and today, I did Santa activities with my Preschoolers.

For morning work, they completed a color-by-number...

During story time, I read That's Not Santa by Leonard Kessler.  Then, we made Santa Stars.


Here's a close-up (done by a student in my 3 year old class)

For one of our center activities we completed this b and d letter sort from Mrs. Lee's Deck the Halls Christmas unit available on TPT:

I just noticed this kiddo has a d on the b Santa... oh well!

Yesterday and today, we also had our Holiday Party.  I let parent volunteers plan crafts for them to do during the party, and here's one of the crafts the 3 year old class got to do...

Cute, huh!

For all the other teachers that worked today, we made it!!!!  Enjoy the holidays!!!  I probably won't have any new posts until the New Year.  But, I'll still be stalking blogs hoping to find some cute things for after the break.  I do plan to start creating some things, so hopefully soon I'll have some of those things ready to share!  

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Those spoon reindeer are adorable! What a cute idea!

    Creating & Teaching

  2. Just found your darling blog!! Love those Santa stars!!

  3. Hi there! I am your newest follower and am giving you the Versatile Blogger award. Just go to my blog for the details and to link back!

    A Kinder Garden In Bloom

  4. Hi Sarah! So happy to have you! Thanks for the Versatile Blogger award!!

  5. spoon reindeer and Santa stars so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!