Sunday, January 8, 2012

Check out a new blog!

Hello!  I hope everyone is having a terrific weekend!  I wanted to take a minute to blog about a new blog!  My step-daughter, who enjoys playing school with her dolls, REALLY wanted to have her own blog!  I agreed to help her with one, and I know she would be really excited to have some page views, comments, and/or followers, so show her some blog love at Miss Newcomer's School for Dolls. (I'm sure a lot of you can relate to when you were younger and played school!  I know I did!  I wish I would've kept a record of what I did with my "students," so I think if my step-daughter DOES decide to be a teacher one day, this will be really neat for her to look back on.)  While you're there, you'll see a sneak-peak of an upcoming project that my class will be doing... Happy Feet Penguins.  As I was prepping this project, my step-daughter decided that she was going to have her class do a mini-version of it.  It's very cute!  The idea comes from we heart art.  I'm excited for my class to do this project, but first we'll be doing snowmen this week!  Thanks for reading!

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