Thursday, January 26, 2012

Eskimos- Take 2!

So, today, I did the eskimo craft that I posted about yesterday again!  This time with my 3s, and this time I remembered to have them put the cotton balls on the arms and legs.... Voila!  I LOVE how much cuter they are with the little bit of extra detail!

And once again...time for me to get back to...what else...but READING for grad school!  I'm up to my eyeballs in reading assignments and it's only the first week!  Seriously, 5 chapters for one class, 2 for another, and 7 for another.  That's 14 chapters!  Technically, I've already read 11 of those chapters because I got the books ahead of time and read before classes had even started, BUT, I'm rereading.... maybe not all of them, but we'll see!    :)

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