Tuesday, January 17, 2012

More snowman crafts!

Sorry for the lack of posting anything lately.  The snowman projects I had planned took a little longer than expected.

After reading The Biggest, Best Snowman, my 4 year old class made name snowmen.  (They wrote each letter of their name on a snowball).  I am REALLY proud to say that 13 out of 15 wrote their letters independently.




(I dotted the letters for him, and then he traced them)

We also did the snowmen from Deanna Jump's snowman unit:
I meant to have my kiddos add snowflakes, but as you can see, I forgot!

And, here's yet another snowman craft...this one done by my 3s:

ALMOST finished....

FINALLY finished!

Again, I meant to have students add snowflakes to the sky, but just getting the squares on took long enough.  If I were to do this again, next time I would make a snowman HALF the size for my kiddos to fill in with squares.  They just didn't keep interested long enough to completely fill the space.  The one that IS pretty covered, I helped with!  *This idea came from The Elementary Art Room

Here's a sequencing activity we did (from a winter idea book):

And last, here's a sight-word activity I made.  The printable came free from HERE:

If you made it this far, thanks for reading!

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