Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Mummies

On Monday, Halloween day, I read Where's My Mummy?, then we created the following mummies from Deanna Jump's Where's-my-Mummy-literature-unit.  Her unit, available on Teachers Pay Teachers, has the dimensions for creating the mummy craft.  Instead of having my kiddos turn squares into circles as the directions call for, I took the dimensions and made patterns that I traced and cut out ahead of time.  Although it gives the artwork more personality to have the kids cut the corners and round out the points, I knew this would be a difficult task for my preschoolers.  Nonetheless, each mummy is slightly different and mummy-rific!

I also had my class sequence the ghosts (from A Place Called Kindergarten) during center time:

Today, despite the snow we had over the weekend, we began a "Leaves" theme.  I was tempted to do a snow activity, but I stuck to my original plan and read The Leaves on the Trees.  We then fingerpainted fall trees.  Pictures coming soon!

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