Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Terrific Turkeys

Today with my 3-year old class, we made these terrific turkeys from Krissy Miner at Kindergarten Monkey Business:

Krissy has the patterns available as a free download on her blog HERE.
I'll be doing this darling craft with my 4-year old class tomorrow!

We also completed a Mailbox worksheet for practice distinguishing between real and make-believe. 

Some of my "turkeys" had trouble deciding whether or not a turkey could stand on a log, but they decided that turkeys must be able to do that since they CANNOT bake a pie, dress up, or hold silverware.

As a center activity, we read and colored My Turkey from Julie Lee's Happy Thanksgiving unit, available on Teachers Pay Teachers:

I always circle or highlight the color words ahead of time to help my 3s and 4s with the reading.  We've done a lot of similar activities, and they are really good at using their "Eagle Eye."  They also know to touch the words as they say them!

Another center activity we did was this "Turkey Treats" page from Mailbox:

Students had to listen and follow directions to put each picture in the right spot.  This activity also gave my kiddos practice with scissors.  I usually give them the pieces they need in a strip, and then they only have to cut each piece off of the strip, if that makes sense.  Soon, I'll start letting them do more of their own cutting, but for now, this works really well for us. 

More turkey creations coming up later this week!

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