Thursday, November 3, 2011

Leaves, Leaves, Leaves!

We read the story The Leaves on the Trees then made this cute fall craft with fingerpaint and toilet paper rolls.  I found this idea and free pattern at All Kids Network:

I loved this craft because it gave our gluesticks a break!  We go through a ton!  Although I mostly post the crafts that we do, our day is also comprised of many learning activities.  Here is our daily schedule:
9:00-9:10        Morning Work (typically a paper from Mailbox's Teacher Helper)
9:10-9:30        Calendar Activities
9:30-10:00      Center Rotations (Math, Reading, Table Toys)
10:00-10:30    Read Aloud and Craft
10:30-10:45    Bathroom/Snack and Sight word movies
10:45-11:00    Classroom Library
11:00-11:25    Play Time
11:25-11:35    Fundations:  Letters and Letter Sounds
11:35-11:45    Math:  Counting, Coins, Shapes
11:45-12:00    Pack-up/Sight Word movies
12:00               Dismissal

More leaf activities to come!

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