Monday, November 21, 2011

I Know An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie

LOVE this story.  However, when I read this story to my 4 year old preschool class, I have to say that I felt conflicted about whether or not to read the line "Perhaps she'll die."  Ultimately, I made the decision to skip it, but I'm still wondering if I made the right choice.  My decision boiled down to me not being sure how to  include it... read it and address it, or read it and ignore it unless one of my 4s said something about it...  What do you do about this line of text?

Our "old lady" activities coming soon after I get through conferences tomorrow!


  1. I read that line to my children in the story, but we have also had a pretty in depth lesson on non-fiction and fiction. When I read it, I say it pretty jolly-like as to not draw so much attention to it. I know my first grader has had this series of books read to him in both Kindergarten and now first grade and he said they read those words. Being a Mom, I have to say I appreciate your hestiation and I think you made the right decision. I mean, 3 & 4 year old's can be so sensitive and you just never know how they will react.

  2. Hi!
    If your packet didn't have any text box issues then great!!! Maybe it was just me! You can still download it for free if it ever acts up I guess! It should always stay accessible to you on TPT. I really really really appreciate your buying my packet. :) I have used these patterns for 11 years! (except the splat the cat one of course!) It feels like I am giving away a piece of my classroom! :) So glad you like it.

  3. I sing the books and I include perhaps she'll die but my mom sang those to me as a kid. (the original at least) and I never thought twice about it. Maybe I am just not sensitive! YIKES!

  4. Rachel, thanks so much for your feedback! I really appreciate it! I'm so excited to have you as a follower! I absolutely love your blog and have saved so many of your ideas to use!

    Reagan, thanks for your feedback, too! (and for getting back to me about whether or not I should redownload your packet. I am doing a Christmas tree theme this week and will be doing your heart Christmas tree Thursday and Friday! I'll be sure to post pictures and link your unit for others to check out!

    Thanks again to both of you! I LOVE your blogs, and it really brightened my day to have comments from two of my favorite bloggers on MY blog!! :)